Kalankit…A destiny.

Present-day… The burning pieces of logs crackled in the midst of the foggy night. It was as if a phoenix struggled to rise up from the ashes left behind. A blurry face hidden behind a woolen stole shed tears of sheer pain that night. Parineeta kept staring at the pyre. Her daughter’s corpse kept the... Continue Reading →


Before I start the story, I would like to give a brief about the Isha Yoga Centre located at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. I had first heard about it when my best friend had shown pictures of the infamous Adiyogi statue on Instagram. It was marvellous and huge, that the urge to visit the place... Continue Reading →

Stripped! 🥀🗡️❗

24 hours ago... It was a midsummer evening in Jorhat, Assam. The scorching heat was turning unbearable. I had been out on an evening walk towards the CSIR-NEIST campus when I got a call from my best friend. Both me and she work for an NGO run by the government, and as such we get... Continue Reading →

Paap! 🕉

Seven days Ago... "Mom I'm leaving alright? Its my first day at work and I don't want to be late, just in case they tag me as a lazybum", Sita shouted on top of her voice, in an attempt to inform her mother who was in the backyard, scanning the kitchen garden for signs of... Continue Reading →

No Regrets

It is funny when you know you are wrong, but still choose to see the best in you. In a relationship, there are two halves of a story. There is a guilty one, there is a more guilty one. Identifying who is what, is the base to blooming a stress-free life, even after they are... Continue Reading →


“Do not get sloppy. I repeat. Do not get sloppy. If they catch you, you are better if dead.” Hearing the captain's chilling words, Rob felt his hairs rising. It was a twenty-eighty risk of a successful mission. A risk he was willing to take, for the sake of his sister. There was a time... Continue Reading →


Four months ago… Sebastian Krane. A name no one forgets in this town of Wiseville. A self-established business tycoon, he started his life from assisting in the work of labourers in the vineyards. Now, he holds the reins to the most influential liquor company. No one dares question him, as he had his influence in... Continue Reading →

In the shadows.

Observing is fun. Taking in the drama that revolves around you, and see it unfold into so many different patterns is interesting to watch. I sit now at the corner table of this particular café, sipping on the least strong ‘Bru' coffee they serve. This is my warm spot. I think, rethink and continue with... Continue Reading →

All at once.

This is not a sad story. Its a terrifyingly beautiful story. Most of the time, while remembering your past life, you stumble upon things that are not pleasant enough. And surely, you scream so loud inside that sometimes the noise on the exterior world gets cancelled out. Felt that, haven't you? See, I know. So,... Continue Reading →

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